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The last verse of Psalm 119, which marks the end of this series, surprises:

The second to last verse of Psalm 119 brings to fruition the center of the entire psalm:

The psalmist often declares his commitment to God and to God’s Word and therefore he believes the Lord should deliver him. Notice these lines:

In the final paragraph of Psalm 119, in v. 171, the psalmist erupts into praise and he describes before God what his experience is (or will be) like.

We’ve now come to the end of Psalm 119, the taw section. Like much of the psalm, there is an interchange between pleading with God for deliverance and publicly confessing the psalmist’s commitment to God. In this section, that commitment …Read More

The psalmist has found peace but he has not found that peace in the security of knowing he’s no longer persecuted nor in the security of being “in the know” with the right people. He’s found peace, great peace, because …Read More

The psalmist is at peace and resolved to tremble at God’s word — not the princes of his day — and to take his joy in the promises of God — not the strength that comes from association with powers …Read More

With princes breathing down his neck, the psalmist finds peace and is resolved to tremble at God’s word and to find joy in God’s promise. How does he do so? I suspect this is how:

The psalmist’s tranquility is palpable … chiefs are chasing him but he’s found repose in knowing God. He’s not only peacefully resolved to tremble at God’s word, he’s peacefully resolved as well to rejoice in God’s promise.

In the Shin/Sin section of Psalm 119, that is verses 161-168, we find a subtle shift of mood and tone. The psalmist is resolute and determined, but now a tranquility and peace hangs over the psalm. He’s peacefully resolve to …Read More