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We come full circle. In our sketch of the NT evidence, there is enough evidence to conclude that heaven — at least for Peter and for John — is not the final place. The final place is the new heavens …Read More

In Revelation, Heaven is a place where the ultimate drama is staged, and one gets the sense that the drama on earth is staged in Heaven prior to its being staged on earth. While that is one sense, I tend …Read More

In Revelation, Heaven is the place or world that is acknowledged by the true people of God:

The issue we have examined, assuming that explicit mentions of “heaven” can give us all we need for our decision, is what “heaven” refers to and whether or not “heaven” is the final “resting place.” We turn in this our …Read More

2 Peter may finally clinch the matter for our question:

Three texts in 1 Peter are about heaven:

The book of Hebrews has a strong dualism between the earth and the heavenly realm, so what it says about “heaven” is of concern to us. Notice these texts:

We had an interlude on a book and now we are back to finish up our series on heaven. Is “heaven” the permanent eternal place or, like some are arguing today, is it an alternative world, perhaps only temporary, but …Read More

Recently I was asked where theology was headed. I assured my reader that I wasn?t ?in the know? but that I would hazard a guess or two. First I thought we were likely to see a more robust Trinitarian theology, …Read More

One of the most significant texts in this discussion of the “permanence” of heaven is Philippians 3:20. In context now: