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I give Roger Olson an applause for an accurate sketch of the American evangelical coalition, of the influx of a fundamentalist spirit that is taking over (and rob our freedom in Christ), and of the difficulty of the middle road. …Read More

Here’s one of the most important observations that Steve Wilkens and Don Thorsen make in their new book, Everything You Know about Evangelicals Is Wrong (Well, Almost Everything): An Insider’s Look at Myths and Realities . Not all Evangelicals are Republicans. But …Read More

Alternatives and Elements Hence, the rise of alternatives: the ancient-future movement spearheaded by Robert Webber, the emergent/emerging movement spearheaded by young thinkers and leaders, like Brian McLaren, who knew fundamentalism and neo-evangelicalism’s coalition wasn’t listening to the youth culture, and …Read More

The Neo-Evangelical Coalition Breakdown Why has the coalition broken down? I don’t know for sure, but I think the following two are contributing factors: First, some evangelicals who were nurtured in fundamentalism never really softened enough to be big tent …Read More

Here is a part of a piece posted last Monday at, which was also picked up by WaPo. But, I want to have a discussion about it here so I will spread it out over three days (MWF) on …Read More

Now the big one: What do non-Christians think of Christians? This chp is an examination of one of the most common observations made in the last decade, and it is an observation made often among emerging folks. I’ve made the …Read More

This is the chp some of you are waiting for. In this chp, Brad Wright examines the big one: Are Christians loving?  And I’m going to depart from normal custom and give the results first: When it comes to measures …Read More

When you hear these two words, the words “evangelical” and “eschatology,” what is the first word that comes to mind? I’m asking you for the first thing that comes to mind. Here’s what would probably be said by conventional culture: …Read More

Do Christians behave like Christians? Are they any different?  What do you think? If you run up and down your neighborhood, what observable differences do you see in those who say they are Christians? Tell the truth. Do empirical studies …Read More

So just how do you define an evangelical? Do you go with David Bebbington’s four-fold breakdown: Bible, Cross, Conversion and Active Christian living?  Steve Wilkens and Don Thorsen, both profs at Azusa Pacific, have a new book that takes on …Read More