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Julie Bogart, a regular reader and commenter on this blog, has a story about forgiveness worth reading at her site. You can interact there or even here. Here’s how it begins:

In my book Embracing Grace I tell the story of a little “eikon” I had in my office for many, many years. We called him Pierre because he was a French-looking man with a beret. Now for the rest of …Read More

Here’s a link to a podcast I gave on the whole gospel. Here’s a link to a radio interview through Elmbrook Church with Mel Lawrenz. Click on the Leadership button.

The problem with this as a moral strategy, which is a routine refrain for the traditionalist view of homosexuality, is that it is nearly indistinguishable from hate the sin and the sinner. If we have to reduce moral views into …Read More

The following outline was used for my talk at the Spiritual Formation Forum in Milwaukee last week. My week was more hectic than I wanted — owing to about five things happening at once, not the least of which was …Read More

I have asked for permission from this person to make his [adjusted] letter to me public. Think about it and see what you think is best. What would you tell this person?

I gave two talks in Seattle, but I want to summarize what I said in my talk on Saturday. My talk was about “mistakes missional gospel folks need to avoid.”

Kris and I were invited down for a Saturday event at North Point church in Alpharetta, Georgia (northside of Atlanta). I was asked to address the Starting Point leaders on Embracing Grace. Starting Point, North Point’s weekly small-group conversations with …Read More

The Story of the Eikons and The Story of the Gospel.

Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and early afternoon, and Thursday morning I spoke to the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate Staff Ministries. To my delight, no travel: one mile west of my home is St Mary of the Lake Seminary and IVCF …Read More