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This morning I had a friend write and say she was offended by what I said about divorce, and it took me off guard because I wasn’t sure what I had said. So she pointed me to a post … […]

Scott thanks for all your comments and push back. Always appreciated. Clearly we’re playing with semantics here. I don’t say that dismissively. Semantics matter–some times more than other times. I’ll let others judge whether it matters here. It may be […]

Some of you — like us — have both a blog and a Facebook account. Some suggest the future blog will be on Facebook while others say Facebook is so much more for networking and interpersonal stuff and e-mailing that […]

For about six months we have been in communication with a large website that has expressed an interest in hosting the Jesus Creed conversation. At first I had no interest, but I want to lay out for you today why […]

If you’re interested in my take, this is an example of how not to write for a blog. I don’t know Chad Hall, and I’m sure if I met him in a different setting it would be different, but this […]

Helmut Thielicke, in what has to be one of the finest little (absolutely must-have) books ever written for those in school and considering pastoring or a teaching ministry, A Little Exercise for Young Theologians, said something like this some where […]

Today we’ve already had some record-length comments. Here’s what we need to remind ourselves of: