John Mark Hicks, Come to the Table: Revisioning the Lord’s Supper ,  suggests the Table of the Lord is for all … except the rebellious.
Jesus welcomed sinners and tax collectors and prostitutes to his Table, but those who came were invited to come because they could find grace.
Those who came were either curious seekers or sinners looking for grace. But all were invited. Those who did not come were not interested in Jesus or the grace he offered in his fellowship. 
John Mark Hicks suggests that same group is not at the Table today. Those who want no grace, those who think they don’t need grace, and those who have no interest in Jesus … let me put it in a way Jesus did: don’t give what is holy to the dogs. That is, there are sacred things and they are for those who honor the sacred.
Those in the family who do not want fellowship are also not in a state of wanting grace.
The Table is for all, but the only “all” who will come are those who want grace at the Table of Jesus.
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