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Gina Dalfonzo created a story of a young Christian woman’s struggle with living out the dating advice of Christian circles … from waiting to not dating to not being able to find a date to dating and then marrying a non-Christian guy. The tossings and turnings of her life stands out. One of the more remarkable elements of this story in the changing perception among Christians of her status. Her story raises a serious issue: 

What did you learn about dating? What are the “official” Christian teachings on this today? What went wrong? What went right? 

Who has a story to tell? 
Here’s a clip of the opening of Dalfonzo’s piece.

Once there was a good Christian girl who dreamed of growing up, getting married, and having children. She read all the right books and did all the right things. She read about how she was a princess in God’s sight and how he wanted the very best for her. She committed herself to sexual purity, to high standards, and to waiting for the good Christian man that God was going to bring her.

Just as she was getting old enough to start dating, however, she noticed something. Some of the popular Christian books were talking about not dating at all, and just being friends, until God had made it clear that the guy she liked was exactly the right one for her…….

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