Russell Moore, at Southern Seminary, was part of drafting this statement from the Southern Baptist Convention about creation care:

In a resolution, the [Southern Baptist] Convention called on the government “to act determinatively and with undeterred resolve to end this crisis … to ensure full corporate accountability for damages, clean-up and restoration … and to ensure that government and private industry are not again caught without planning for such possibilities.”

And he even suggests this issue and how folks respond could be a defining — a Rowe v. Wade kind of defining — moment for some evangelicals, and I say “Good on you Russell, and I hope the SBC and all evangelicals will become more sensitive to the green issues.”

On his blog, Moore has posted something of a call-to-arms for evangelical Christians to take action to protect the environment. The Gulf spill has the potential to be a defining moment for evangelicals, he says, much like Roe v. Wade activated the evangelical anti-abortion movement.

“Prior to Roe, most evangelicals really thought of those issues of life and protecting the unborn as being a Roman Catholic issue,” he says. “Somebody else’s issue. But then after Roe v. Wade, suddenly evangelicals saw what was at stake and became involved.”

“This catastrophe in the Gulf could be that kind of defining moment.”

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