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This picture of two star clusters is awesome.
Kris and I will be in Ireland this June, and here’s a brochure for our event in Dublin. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to speak in Ireland.
Anyone know about the move to ban the burqa in Belgium?
I’m all for this: 20/30somethings for the church!
Good reminder from Allan: what it takes to get crucified.
Good reminder from :mic: the need for time alone.
Good reminder from John Stackhouse: benediction vs. prayer.
Mark Roberts: Welcome to Beliefnet! And thanks for such a great blog — and this is one good example of Mark’s blogging.
David B. Hart is after the New Atheists again: a long and winding and agile article.
Meanderings in the News
1. Chicago’s next mayor: Will it be Rahm Emanuel?
4. How many Presidents has Billy Graham met with?
5. Thanks Roland Martin: “He’s tired of having meetings with members of Congress. Tired of trying to talk with the Obama administration and the president himself. Tired of hearing people say that they sympathize with his effort to fight widespread and longtime discrimination by the federal government against the nation’s black farmers.”
6. Jeff Anderson is the lawyer who has garnered attention in the priest sexual abuse cases.
7. E.J. Dionne at WaPo: “The genius of American conservatives over the past 30 years has been their understanding that the most effective way to change the country is to change the terms of our political debate. On issue after issue, they have done just that.” And the main point: “Above all, it should become clear that the danger of judicial activism now comes from the right, not the left. It is conservatives, not liberals, who are using the courts to overturn the decisions made by democratically elected bodies in areas such as pay discrimination, school integration, antitrust laws and worker safety regulation.”
8. American expats who are renouncing American citizenship: “I was born in San Francisco in 1939, served my country as an army officer from 1961 to 1963, have been paying U.S. income taxes for 57 years, since 1952, have continually maintained federal voting residence, and hold a valid American passport.” Mr. Flynn had held an account with a U.S. bank for 44 years. Still, he wrote, “they said that the new anti-terrorism rules required them to close our account because of our address outside the U.S.”

9. An anti-incumbent mood?

10. Bidenisms.
Meanderings in Sports
Mayor Daley, when asked what the problem is with the Cubs….
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