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We are reading and blogging about James Davison Hunter’s proposals about how to change culture, and another book came our way leading me to this claim: it is as difficult to change culture as it is to manufacture a revival. The book that came our way is by Mark Shaw and is called Global Awakening: How 20th-century Revivals Triggered a Christian Revolution

Shaw proposes a comprehensive theory of how revivals work, and he also examines eight revivals from all the over the world.
I suspect this book will become the benchmark for examining revivals. If you are interested in revivals and how they work, Shaw’s book is undoubtedly now the place to begin. 
Overall sketch: spiritual dynamics, cultural dynamics, historical dynamics, global dynamics, and group dynamics. Shaw’s got an impressive sketch of how revivals emerge. He defines a revival as follows:
Global revivals are charismatic people movements that transform their world by translating Christian truth and transferring power. 
 And he examines revivals in Korea, Aladura, India, Uganda, Billy Graham’s revival, Brazil, Mensa Otabil (reverse mission) and Chinese House Churches.
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