The Volcano at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier
(Why do folks give glaciers names like that?)
Good post by Jana Riess.
And another one by Wade Hodges.
Excellent sketch of Together for the Gospel conference and Wheaton Theology conference by perhaps the only person who attended both: Brett McCracken.
Excellent set of thoughts by John Stackhouse.
A friend sent me a link to a new essay by Joseph Epstein (to the left). I will read anything he writes, including his fiction. I tried to read it on my phone, but his prose was too good to waste an a small screen so I waited to read it on the computer. Splendid piece on the stages of life. (HT: MG)
Splendid piece on loving a daughter … well, on love itself.
Hyperlocality with JR Briggs.
And a good word on missionality.
Meanderings in the News
1. The rights of Christian groups to control participation is now a legal case in California.
2. Rich Lowry: “In the context of the media and the Left’s reaction to the tea partiers, the hypocrisy is manifest: fear of the federal government for me, but not for thee. The deeper point is that paranoia about government is woven into the American fabric, on both the left and the right. Provided it’s properly directed and honed, it’s a healthy reflex.”
3. Jessica Grose in Slate: “The newest development is the judgment heaped on men for bad behavior. Women’s judgment of adultery and promiscuity in men has become far harsher, according to recent studies. The shift in attitude could be interpreted as a feminist advance. Women now hold men to the same stringent sexual standards that they themselves have long been held to. Even men are beginning to judge other men for promiscuity. What this points to is the end of a great American tradition: the double standard.”
5. That is so cool: a leaked next gen iPhone.
RMouw.jpg6. Wo..ouch: “But for 20 years now, global warming has been the most important environmental issue — arguably the most important issue the planet has ever faced. And there we can boast an unblemished bipartisan record of accomplishing absolutely nothing.”
7. Don’t buy Nike: “But Nike, the shoe-maker to the world, the biggest brand in the endorsement game, is standing by Roethlisberger — at least for the moment — just as they continue to back Tiger Woods after his serial infidelities.”
8. Victor Davis Hanson is running out of things to write about.
9. I like this piece by Rich Mouw on writing fiction (to the right).
10. For cigar lovers, like Tripp.
The cases about sexual abuse among Catholic clergy, like this story, will get worse and higher before resolution occurs.
Meanderings in Sports
Cool story about fly-fishing off Belize.
Congratulations to Lorena Ochoa — we will miss you.
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