Jesus Creed

NSLC.jpgI’m behind when it comes to recording thoughts on speaking engagements, so I want to return to  the fantastic time I had at the National Student Leadership Conference at Taylor. I was in a group of speakers, including Skye Jethani and JR Briggs and Heather Larsen and I’m sure there were others. 

It was an honor to be invited, and it was wonderful to meet some fantastic promising leaders, like Melesa McEwan and Josh Peterson. I hope I got those spellings right. Anyone looking for promising leaders, attend this event; anyone looking to hang with promising leaders, get your school to send some leaders to the event. Melesa and Josh, blessings on your great futures.
The theme was “re:imagine, :create, :new,” and so I spoke about two kinds of imaginations to which Jesus calls us: A Kingdom Imagination and A Parable Imagination. Both my talks were after dinner, and the conversation after was solid and probing.
Some other highlights: seeing former students of mine who are now teachers: Faye Chechowich, Phil Collins, and Tracy Hoskins. I met Bill Heth and saw many others… can’t remember all the names.
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