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Kris and I will be in Florida this next week on Spring Break, visiting with Lukas and Annika and Aksel. But today we are in Orlando speaking at Synergy’s event. I will be talking about how Paul saw himself in “motherly” terms.
My brother-in-law, Pete Norman, was one awesome coach and is already in the Hall of Fame.
Catalyst West … Dan has a good announcement. Here are the lab speakers … yes, I’m one of them.
Post of the week: JR Briggs.
Close to post of the week: LaVonne Neff.
Huffington Post has blogs about Religion; the comments are out of hand, but otherwise this new development could be interesting. This post, contending the black church is dead, is a good example of what we might see.
Good reflections from Tamara.
Good reflections from the sometime.preacher and this too.
Good reflections from Bob.
AdamEve.jpgEdward Fudge, a conditionalist, has a quiz on hell.
Pete Enns on Adam as Israel and not humanity.
David Brooks story of Jan Baalsrud has to be non-fiction because no fiction writer could ask readers to believe such a story!
Speaking of stories, why do we storytellers embellish or exaggerate?
On proselytism and the law: here’s a piece by someone who can’t figure out where to stand.
Meanderings in the News
1. Michael Jordan was perhaps the finest basketball player in NBA history; he’s not my favorite person in the NBA; but time will tell if he’ll be a good owner. 
2. According to the author, every woman’s dream is …? [You’ll be surprised. HT: TD]
3. WP Anthony Faiola, on how German frugality — a sign, I might add, of financial wisdom — is hurting the euro economy: “Like many Germans, Rosi Wicher, 40, a preschool teacher and single mother of one, got minimal wage increases over the last decade, with aggressive cost-cutting by German companies and government policies holding the line on private- and public-sector salaries.And like many of her peers in this shabby chic capital where ostentation is frowned upon, she prides herself on being thrifty. She has used the same stereo set for 12 years, runs no credit card debt, does not own a car and happily gets by with furniture purchased back in the 1980s. “Why do I need more?” she asked. “My child is happy with a DS Lite instead of a PlayStation. And my stereo still works fine. It don’t think it’s a sign of progress to run yourself into debt.” 
WFB.jpg4. I don’t want to be accountable for this, so I pass it on to you at your own risk: “So you can believe all the germ hype and end up like the obsessive-compulsive billionaireHoward Hughes. Or you can follow the data and get a flu shot, wash your hands sensibly after using the bathroom and around meals, and stop wasting money on hand sanitizers.”
6. Nice piece on Buckley: “He was morally serious without being humorless, moving smoothly from irony to gravity. Irony is the mode of our generation — the way we avoid moral commitment and cover the nakedness of our real belief. It’s fun, but a vice when indulged (as I do). Buckley could do irony well, but did so as an earnest, a serious man. He published, for the world to see, “Near my God: An Autobiography of Faith.” And he spent more time exposing his beliefs than ridiculing others’ gaffes.”
7. What do you think? Can the court decide against a divorced parent’s choice of religion for a child?
10. Diane Ravitch changes course.
Meanderings in Sports
In Russia, it’s not publish or perish but win or perish.
Speaking of the Cubs means speaking about Lou Piniella who gave us another howler: He said the pitchers were staying sharp playing in “assimilated” games. Attaboy, Lou.
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