Jesus Creed

Perhaps you grew up in a rule-oriented religion. Perhaps you found yourself in the church one day, looked around, and wondered if you really knew God or if you were one who only knew what it was like to be religious. Perhaps you have explored being the best possible Christian and found the chase exhausting. Perhaps you’ve tried to keep all the rules and wonder if you’ve ever experienced grace. Perhaps … perhaps you are longing for grace and yearning to know God in the face of Jesus.

Fil Anderson, in his new memoir (Breaking the Rules: Trading Performance for Intimacy With God
) — one that simply opens the door to his heart and soul and mind,  tells his story of entering into the faith, a faith shaped by a rule-oriented religion, and running out of steam. Then finding God’s grace. Then finding that it’s not about what we do, but about God’s good love that is there for the basking. He moved from being a compulsive overachiever to a grace-basking acceptance before God.
This book brings relief for the wearied heart, for the one who knows God loves him or her but who cannot live in that love.
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