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Go Cubs!
Pray for Chile. Pray for Chile. Pray for Chile.

I rarely hear anyone even discuss the appropriateness of icons anymore, but if you’d like to see an Eastern Orthodox critique of the Calvinist position on icons, read this.
Out of the pain of some serious decisions, this post reflects genuine yearning for God’s grace.
Ireland.jpgDavid Fitch sees the publication of McLaren’s new book as an opportunity for missional folks to align and articulate their theology.
Kathy Khang: a tough decision.
Chris Armstrong is one solid, steady blogger.
Kris and I will be in Ireland this June for some lectures, but here’s a taste of the sort of thing happening in Ireland: Chris Wright interviewed by Patrick Mitchel.
Good interview with Kent Annan on Haiti.
I like this guy: Brett.
I like the title of his post by Michael: Naysaying, and the others are good too: the anti-book, and rules of engagement.
And the Creed itself comes under debate at times for low church evangelicals, but the Creed is also an issue among Messianic Jews. Check this post by Derek about The Creed.
Meanderings in the News
3. David Brooks: “So we’ve sunk another level in our tawdry tale. The White House, to its enormous credit, has tried to think about the long term. But it has been dragged ever lower into the mire by Congressional special interests that are parochial in the extreme. This bill may be deficit-neutral on paper. But it has just become a fiscal time bomb. The revenue will never come. Compromises have to be made to keep it (barely) alive. But responsibility ebbs. Politics wins.”
4. An essay on the importance of American exceptionalism, and a piece that goes against the trends of much of our culture.
5. Value of small touches … : “Exact renderings of the creed differ, but the basic outlines are clear enough. The late Seymour Martin Lipset defined it as liberty, equality (of opportunity and respect), individualism, populism, and laissez-faire economics. The creed combines with other aspects of the American character — especially our religiousness and our willingness to defend ourselves by force — to form the core of American exceptionalism.”
6. We really do need more public discussion of the issue of torture.
8. Michael Gerson: “Because the legacy of his presidency is at stake, or because of his pride, or because he is ideologically committed to an expanded public role in health care, Obama is pressuring Democratic members to join a suicide pact. When a president doesn’t care about his party, his party eventually ceases to care about him.”
9. Does the word “tax” make you snarl? Check out this history of taxes in the USA.
10. Good story and a good transition to baseball and sports.
Meandering in Sports


Perhaps the writer’s right: Tiger might just start being a human and go by his real name, Eldrick.
Once again, I contend Figure Skating is judged in too partial a manner, and this article at says it better than I do.

Meanwhile, as we watch the Olympics, my friend in Stellenbosch/C-Town, Theo Geyser, watches his Stormers:


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