Jesus Creed

EucharistCup.jpgAt the Lord’s supper event in our churches, we are to have this disposition:

“I am standing before God trying to realize how important it is for me to acknowledge that I am a sinner.” And Fr. Dajczer, a famous Polish priest, develops the attitudes of both the younger and elder son in the parable of the prodigal son. It is too easy to say “I’m not the elder son” and forget the younger son’s path was to sin and then thoroughly acknowledge his sin. But eucharist is all about confession. Without it, there’s no eucharist (thanksgiving) at all.
“To choose Jesus is to allow grace to crush the barriers in my heart. Those big barriers of trust in my own abilities and self-confidence need to collapse. If my trust is in myself, I am self-centered, not Jesus- or Eucharist-centered” (17)  (The Mystery of Faith: Meditations on the Eucharist
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