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I don’t often say this, because if I did it would get boring, but we appreciate all the links you send to us weekly. I read them all and then include most on the blog … so keep them coming.
For the most part, the books reviewed in Jesus Creed were sent to me, almost always unsolicited, by publishers. 
Here’s a very serious piece that outlines the view that resulted in so much consternation in Young Life.
Ed Stetzer on how stats are abused by Christians.
Short piece, but right to the point: Tom on “gentle tension.”
Best thing I’ve seen by the multi-talented Conan O’Brien.
Flannery.jpgDerek on the power of religious fiction — what, no Flannery? Now that I mention Flannery O’Connor and dig up this old picture, I want to read another of her short stories. Which is your favorite? (He’s got some cool quotes from Spinoza too.)
Ed, on the story behind the story.
Michael Kruse maps the free fall of countries.
Jason Byassee maps the future of the mainline. (Stats guys are better than the smart guys on this issue.)
Karen on Spencer Burke.
Brett on Pat Robertson. Karen on what Robertson got right.
Tony Jones is blogging about Christian Smith/Patricia Snell, too.
Advice for blogging pastors.
Haiti and children with Henry Zonio.
LaVonne on economic trends. One and two.
Kathy — welcome.
Ted’s summary of Jamie Smith’s lecture.
Julie Frye reviews Sarah Palin.
Inspiration from Mark Roberts.
Meandering in the News
2. What about persecution of Christians over use of the word Allah? (HT: KC-S)
4. On Senator Reid, a thought or two and some links: first, I was shocked to hear a Democrat use the word “Negro.” I have to say that the one party that is strenuously committed to equality and to avoiding stereotypes is the Democrats. On top of that, I think Reid did enter into stereotyped perceptions and say that Obama transcended such. Still, I was baffled. Here are some links: John McWhorter on Sen. Reid’s gaffe. Eugene Robinson on the “one drop” rule. On the word “Negro,” see the piece in Slate by Brian Palmer.
5. Sitting on the duff is hazardous to your health.
6. You can count on Stanley Fish distinguishing between what is right and what is true.
7. David Brooks on a mobile Jewish culture of development.
9. Primate communication skills: “But with a few exceptions, teaching animals human language has proved to be a dead end. They should speak, perhaps, but they do not. They can communicate very expressively — think how definitely dogs can make their desires known — but they do not link symbolic sounds together in sentences or have anything close to language. Better insights have come from listening to the sounds made by animals in the wild.”
Sports in the News
Greg Maddux, Mr. Pitcher Professor, is now back with the Cubs as special assistant to Jim Henry.
Mark McGwire* is getting nailed by some in the media, and I have to say that his comment that he took steroids only for his injuries and not to enhance his abilities — well, no one will buy that one. But, he’s fessed up and now we are expecting to hear him to make a difference for the Cardinals.
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