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We are privileged people. Many children in the world are not, like this little orphaned child in Swaziland. Would you think of sponsoring this little child?

At the Jesus Creed blog, we are asking you to consider joining Kris and me in supporting a CarePoint in Swaziland that could make a life-saving and spiritual difference in the lives of hundreds of underfed and orphaned children. Here is our little Swazi child to the right; you can help a child like this too, and make Christmas come true for little orphaned children in Swaziland.

Here’s what we are asking you to do: We want to join together financially, in prayer, and eventually in trips to Swaziland. We want to focus the Jesus Creed blog’s concern on a CarePoint called Mabanteneni. We are committing funds to HopeChest, an organization designed by Tom Davis, and they will process our gifts and provide funds and services for Mabanteneni and the children there. 

But this is more than giving money for food. We want to help build a sustainable infrastructure at Mabanteneni.  Thus, I want to share with you my goal: I’m praying and yearning and hoping you will join us to begin by providing healthy food for children and discipleship training by a local pastor. Then we want to help with the construction of structures, including things like a kitchen, a well for clean water, fences for security….

How do you give? If you’d like to sponsor a child, click on our Sponsor Child page. There are also some pictures of children and CarePoints. And do check out Nsoko. It costs only about 34 dollars per month to care for the basic needs of an orphaned child.

For more check here.

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