Some folks spend lots of energy poring over the previous year and committing themselves to improvement or to turning over a new leaf and so they make New Year’s Resolutions. I’d like to make a mild case why not to, but it’s mostly fun and I’d be glad to hear you chirp up with your arguments against New Year’s resolutions.

1. You won’t keep them so don’t bother.
2. It smacks of moralism or legalism or self-absorbed righteousness or some level of Pelagianism.
3. It can get embarrassing when someone asks you what you’ve resolved and you admit that what you’ve resolved is not for polite or public company. Winks and nods and eyebrows and wondering and suggesting and …
4. It can get even more embarrassing if your resolve is to do something that others don’t think you should do — like drinking more wine (of course, for your heart and health) — or playing more golf or asserting yourself more or asking for more money at the office or grading harder or easier.
5. You can get yourself into a pickle with your spouse if she or he hears what you’ve resolved and they knew absolutely nothing about it.
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