Jesus Creed

I cannot comprehend how the hapless Bears could have won the last two weeks. They beat the best team in the NFC, the Minnesooooda Vikings, and then they beat the Lions. Two weekends in a row, two wins in a row.

And I’m beginning to think the Commish needs to investigate. Some teams, like the Colts, just rolled over the last two weeks to protect their players from injuries so they could be rested and healthy for the playoffs.
So, I’m wondering if the Lions and Vikings decided to let the Bears win so the Bears would say to themselves for a whole offseason, “We’re not so bad. See how we did against the mighty Vikings? See how we did against a vastly improved Lion squad?” With that mindset, the Bears will not be so worried about getting better, they won’t need to get rid of that woosy offense, and they won’t need to worry about being able to compete in the so-called Black and Blue Division, the NFC Central.
Nope, there’s something up. The Vikes and Lions handed it to us and … now we’re going to enjoy our offseason and then get all riled up next September when the message will finally be clear.
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