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Merry Christmas from Chicago!


Best story I read this week“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you,” she wrote to Chris, “but if you are the Chris Astle I was looking for then I just want to thank you. You and Ms. Yanich found me on someone’s doorstep when I was an infant. I don’t really know what else to say, but thank you. If I’ve gotten the wrong person then I apologize! -Mia”

Christmas with Tom Davis (and Chuck Smith Jr).
The two sides of health care reform with David Brooks.
JR Woodward on the two sides of development.
The big two sides on student loans — this one clarified by Arne Duncan (Warning: read slowly as Mr. Duncan’s no English teacher.)
I’m looking forward to participating in “Evangelicals and the Early Church” conference at Wheaton.
The angle of this story about Tim Keller’s multi-site campuses does not expose the theology at work in Keller’s ministry, and therefore I think it misrepresents what’s going on.
Jesus and leadership by Ken Carter.
Hauerwas.jpgA must-read on John Howard Yoder by Andy Rowell.
A must-read on the prosperity gospel from CT.
A must-read on global warming by Bob Robinson.
A must-read on Messianic Judaism by Derek Leman.
A must-read by Hauerwas on Obama’s speech. Obama’s speech, a robust defense of just war on pragmatic grounds, surprised me; Hauerwas’ response did not. I’m with Hauerwas (pictured).
Our blog friend T posts about healing.
I like Dean Ohlman‘s method.
Jim Martin on Christmas stress.
Missio lux expands.
Top 50 songs of 2009 — I wasn’t sure there were that many!
I’m committed to e-mailing friends when I see they’ve been hacked; I hope you do too. (HT: RS)
Dan Reid, once lost now found.
Ever been to a Shake Shack?
Meanderings in the News
5. David Brooks draws out the Hanukkah story.
7. Pre-announcement reporting about global ecologically-sensitive technologies.
8. George Weigel’s insightful essay about what just-war theory is. He’s right about just war, but there’s another approach to war which is not mentioned, the nonviolent pacifist approach of Jesus, and that approach is beginning to influence even the just war theory.
Meanderings in Sports
I like Greg Taylor’s idea that Tiger has now fallen into grace.
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