Jesus Creed

Merry Christmas from Chicago!


A must-read on the rising surge against Islam by Bob Smietana.

A must-read on science and faith by Tim Stafford (HT: AC).
A must-watch documentary?
A must-read on Lesslie Newbigin.
A must-read on spiritual gifts.
A must-read on preaching.
A new kind of Periodic Table.
A new kind of Purim: Messianic Judaism and Hanukkah.
Facebook is like the pacman gremlin gobbling away the numbers.
Meandering in the News
2. “Climate-gate” and George Will weighs in on the controversy too.
3. On jobs and the need for that “vast, chaotic entrepreneurial churn”: Rich Lowry.
4. Second City: 50 years old.
5. John Mark Reynolds says the Swiss minarets issue is small potatoes compared to the real issues — and he’s right. (But the minaret issue isn’t the tip of an iceberg on growing concern with Muslims.)
7. Political language discussion: e.g., what does “progressive” mean?
8. Roland Martin’s rant. Personally, I agree that Obama’s Admin has to take responsibility, but that is not to say that a previous Admin’s legacy doesn’t last for a long, long time.
10. Shocking brief editorial. Talk about shocking: Stanley Fish has a positive take on Sarah Palin’s autobiography.
Meandering in Sports
Wow, this is a big story waiting to happen. I’m all for it!
Can you believe those surfers in Hawaii?