Barrs.jpgFor a long time I’ve thought we needed a sensitive, historically-nuanced study of how Jesus interacted — at the gospeling level — with his contemporaries. But the book I had in mind couldn’t be in search of the “method” of Jesus or the “program” of Jesus, and the reason I say this is because Jesus didn’t have a “method” or a “program.” And neither did he have a technique. So the book would have to be sensitive to the variety of ways Jesus interacted.

That book arrived on my desk not long ago and I’d like to give it a high recommendation. It’s by Jerram Barrs and it’s called Learning Evangelism from Jesus
.The book contains 15 studies and it does not synthesize them into the golden nuggets that will make you evangelize just like Jesus. Each study sifts through the text with solid observations and then has lessons that reflect how Jesus related to that person in that context. Instead of moralizing at this point, Barrs simply observes and connects what Jesus did to our lives.
I like the sensitivity to context and the variety that emerge from this careful study. Well-written and from a Reformed perspective.
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