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DukeChapel.jpgI do not have a life-long habit of reading sermons, though I have read sermons at times in my career. I have numbers of pastor friends who routinely listen to sermons and do so for both formational reasons and for their own development as preachers. I tend to use my quieter times for praying and for pondering and for thinking or for listening to music. 

Questions: Do you listen to or read sermons? What are your habits? What do you get from sermons? Who are your favorites?
But recently I purchased and began reading sermons from Sermons from Duke Chapel: Voices from “A Great Towering Church”
, and I headed immediately for Tom Long’s sermon at the back. I heard Tom preach in Nashville and his rare giftedness, made up as it is of pastoral earnestness and potent storytelling, is something I admire in preachers. What I hoped to get from this collection is sermons that are both unlike my low-church evangelical tradition as well as examples of some of the most famous preachers of the 20th Century.
My but there’s some famous preachers in this volume.
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