I have followed the reports out of Copenhagen about global climate changes, but am not hearing that much chat among bloggers … I ran through all my blogs late last week and don’t recall seeing one post on Copenhagen. 

What do you think? Do you think we are facing an unprecedented crisis? Do you think the climate shifts are man-made or simply the cycles of nature? 
Here’s a clip from an article in the Washington Post:

In announcing the deal, even Obama — who walked in on a meeting of developing nations to insist on an agreement late Friday — conceded its limitations. “Today we made a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough here in Copenhagen,” he said. But, he added, “It is going to be very hard, and it’s going to take some time” to get a legally binding treaty. That, he said, “was not achievable at this conference.”

In the deal, spelled out in a three-page document, each country needs only to list its current domestic pledges for emissions reductions and to promise to allow monitoring of their progress. It also outlines steps to help poor countries go green and prepare for the impact of a warming Earth.

But it sparked a rebellion among more vulnerable nations. They said they could not accept an agreement that lacked deep emissions commitments from the industrialized world.

“The science tells us we must act now, and urgently,” said Ian Fry, climate-change representative for Tuvalu, which may be submerged by rising seas in a matter of decades. “To use a Biblical allusion, it looks like we’re being offered 30 pieces of silver to bargain away our future. Mr. President, our future is not for sale.”

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