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The coverage of the Copenhagen meeting and the recent debacle over the “climate gate” e-mails has raised a number of different questions for many people.  See here for one of the multitude of reports. The questions range from the reality of anthropogenic global warming to the strength and reliability of the evidence for evolution. After all, some ask, if there was conspiracy over the climate data why should we trust scientists
on evolution – could this be conspiracy as well?

One commenter mentioned struggling with the ability to find good, trustworthy information…

I’ve been thinking about the “conflict” (I’m boycotting quotes for
the rest of this post or there would be too many to count) between the
Bible and science.

As I look back on the evidence I’ve seen–I concede it has been
biased– it appears that the arguments fall into stereotypical insults.
The young earth’s are depicted as ignorant and not knowing science. The
mainline scientist are characterized as conducting biased studies in
support of preconceived notions. That is young earth supporters portray
science as having a bias against the Bible.

I’m not telling anyone anything new. My struggle is to find “fair
and balanced” information. (Sorry I don’t want to start a tangent on
the news).

The same commenter came back a bit later and noted:

The link from the weekly meanderings (here) sums up some of my concerns with both evolution and global warming. Thoughts…

I have two questions I would like to consider today – What do you think?

How do we know who to trust? Why or when would you suspect a conspiracy?


How do we evaluate the evidence?

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