A letter from Jeremy Berg, who sometimes writes posts for this blog… I’m very keen to hear what you do when Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door. Can you tell us what you feel, what you want to do, what you do do?

JW.jpgScot –

I had two very nice Jehovah’s Witness women show up at my door this morning.  I never  
quite know how to approach these encounters.  I think these encounters are especially awkward for pastors/Bible teachers who are equipped to engage them in theological debate but don’t feel like that is the context (standing at the door freezing). Plus, they are usually just well-meaning laypersons who might not be able or wanting to actually be challenged themselves.  

Do I just play dumb, hide the fact that I’m   a pastor, take their pamphlets and send them on their way with a  smile?  Other uncertainties include: Is it appropriate to invite them inside?  Can they accept and come in?  

(I think Mormons are a different story here — more willing to sit down and chat.)  

Is it wise when they are two women and a guy home alone?  

Of course, behind all of these questions is my own sense of obligation to evangelize and try to convert them to the “true faith.”  Should I feel guilty when I  miss an opportunity to “witness” back to them — even when I don’t believe door-to-door evangelism is a very effective or wise approach to personal evangelism?

So, I would love to hear how others in the Jesus Creed community handle such encounters.  Thoughts?

Grace and peace,

Jeremy Berg

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