Every now and then I wander over to Steve McCoy’s photographs, and I just love this one:

Kris and I are in New Orleans at my annual academic meetings, but we found some links this week before we left …
iMonk — back at it, this time with someone else’s words.
Michael Patton — maybe the most substantive post in the blog world I’ve seen this year.
Cynthia Ware on 5 trends now facing the church.
Phoebe who? asks Chris Armstrong — a blog worth adding to your sidebar.
Rick who? don’t ask me!
I may live forever — knock on wood. (HT: JC)
Derek agrees, and this second link to Derek is about why we should study theology.
Mark Batterson on the unique voiceprint: thoughts?
This online church stuff isn’t going away: “In doing so, á Lava joined growing numbers of Christians worldwide who are migrating from the chapel to the computer. A map on the Church Online site showed users from 22 countries logged into a recent service.”

Meanderings in the News
2. 10 days later: Was David Brooks right?
3. Jars of Clay likes coffee… hey, by the way, what songs of theirs are well-known? I’ve heard of them but I’ve never listened to them. (HT: BK)
4. Will Google be our next major phone company?
5. Will Google be our next major publisher? Or will it not?
6. This guy gets distracted by a pelican, drops his cell phone, and off the road he goes … but his car is … well, way too valuable.
7. Very sad but we hope for change.
8. Defying the odds … quite the story. (HT: CAS)
9. New York, the possible trials, and unease. Thomas Sowell, never one to soften the sound of his steps, lands hard on the trial in NYC.
10. Did you see the change in medical advice about mammograms?
Who has some advice for Bears fans? We are in need of some winter wonder. We can’t cheer for the Packers because … well, they’re the Packers. And we can’t cheer for the Vikings because they’ve got a Packer QB. No one cheers for the Lions. Tough sledding. C’mon Spring Training. Hurry.
How in the world did New England lose that football game to the Colts?
Speaking of QBs, I want to thank Dan Grossman for speaking up.
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