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Mosaic.jpgMosaics are folks who cobble things together from a variety of traditions and who have little desire to trust only one tradition or commit themselves to only one point-of-view. But, when all put together, a coherence emerges. Mosaic, in other words, is a good word to describe the Church’s unity for many of us. Instead of opting for a more visible or institutional unity, many of us believe the diversity is swallowed into the larger unity of what God is doing in this world.

This Bible is shaped by one doctrine: one, holy, universal and apostolic church.
So, Holy Bible: Mosaic NLT (Meditations), the new Bible from Tyndale and using the New Living Translation (yours truly was part of the translation team for Luke), expresses this “mosaic” approach to the Church very well. This new Bible is two books in one: a weekly devotional, shaped by the Church Calendar — hence a perfect time to buy this Bible so you can begin using it at Advent, along with the full NLT. Books of prayer often don’t have Bibles so one has to have both the book and the Bible. This combines the two.
The highlight of this Bible is the diversity of authors and readings, along with profound artwork, that provides a multi-sensory experience of devotion. 
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