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Hippo.jpgMany today admit the need to have multiple voices at the table when important subjects are discussed, and one such “table” is Bible study: and the “voices” are commentaries. 

We fool ourselves thinking we’ve got genuine diversity when we examine Romans through the eyes of Tom Wright and Ernst Kaesemann and Doug Moo. Yes, they differ but there’s nothing like stirring the pot by bringing genuine diversity to the table.
Which is what we are now promised with the new African Bible Commentary Series from Hippo Books. The publisher is a cooperative of folks from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Zondervan. The first commentary I’ve seen is by Samuel Ngewa: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus (Hippo / Africa Bible Commentary Series)

The series is designed for preachers and for preaching. The commentary emerges from experience; it is wise; it is conservative theologically and shaped for traditional theology in Africa; and it will prove itself to be valuable for cross-cultural contexts. If the substance of these commentaries reflects common evangelicalism, the specific applications take us into the heart of Africa’s church experiences. I will use this commentary whenever I work in the Pastorals.
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