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Chicago’s Marathon!


I’m with Dan Reid on the multiple value of multiview books (even if I’ve been asked a few times to contribute to such volumes and always declined).

Cynthia Weems on how messy the Lord’s supper becomes.
Thanks to Fr Rob, I suspect we’ll have “Lady in Red” next year in our garden.
Night comes… with LL Barkat.
Hipsters and sports?
Opening from LaVonne Neff: “For more than sixty years American presidents have tried to reform our health-care system, to no avail. In the same time period, all other developed nations have set up systems that insure all their citizens, that spend less per capita than we do, and that have better outcomes in almost all categories. Why are American still lagging behind? Ethicist Daniel Callahan diagnoses our problem in the most recent issue of Commonweal magazine and comes to this conclusion: we suffer from “the absence in this country of a solid common-good tradition.”
Tom Smith and the Lord’s Prayer in South Africa.
If you’re a Methodist, here’s a good post for you; if you’re not, it’s good for you too!
If you’re into pastor-less churches, check out the discussion at John Frye’s place.
If you struggle with devotions together, try what Margaret and Leif do.
If you’re wondering about the whole gospel, see this.
Shahshankedredemption … story of a Muslim conversion. (HT: HZ)
John Stackhouse offers a splendid defense of the resurrection.
Mart DeHaan on the “unity” of the church.
Brian McLaren writes to President Obama.
The story of John Piper’s move from the academy to the church.
The power of the internet — with Mark Roberts.
2. Top 50 jobs; mine is #3 but I’d rate it #1.
3. Thomas Friedman on the Peace (Keepers) Prize. I do hope Obama uses the platform in Oslo to make a strong statement. Ross Douthat: Obama missed his chance to turn it down. I disagree: Friedman’s got the better angle.
4. These Conservapedia folks are serious. 
6. Five new saints: I don’t find this canonization process effective or valuable, even if I often respect those who are canonized.
8. I wonder if “digital dirt” reveals the truth about those on the web and less than the truth about the others who are not on the web?
Who will win the World Series?
Top Ten Hitters in Baseball History?
(the finest basketball coach ever)
One more time: Your Favorite Album?
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