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This is getting fun: RJS posts about Dorothy Sayers book and PW, another regular writer here at Jesus Creed, responds … or I should say that RJS’s post generated a reflection by PW.

As the spouse of a pastor, I have often been in discussion with my pastor/husband about this very subject. And, we have recently discussed the fact that he allows me into his head quite often.  In fact, there are times when I will frankly explain to him: when you walk into the church building, do you ever think about what it would be like to be a person with a uterus walking into the experience rather than other male parts? Are you assuming the audience will track with your message, delivery or illustrations if it’s male biased?

However, I know of many PWs who do not dialog in that way with their pastor/spouse. There is no feedback from one of the most important people in the pastor’s world. How is it for you PWs who are female? Do you hold back? Or do you help fill in with living Technicolor those things that your pastor/spouse couldn’t even begin to understand about the audience and the church experience?

Ministry spouses have a great opportunity to dialog with their pastor/spouse and exchange how the message will come across in so many ways. That’s communication–sending and receiving messages. Communication also understands the audience and most congregations are 50% or greater women. I am enjoying RJS’s discussion, “Are Women Human?”

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