How can meals become places to see the presence of God?
This is what Dean Nelson in God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World  explores in chp 2 of his new book.
A Belgian couple found it difficult to eat in America — everyone was in such a hurry. He tells great stories about his grandma and Tony Campolo.
Do you need to slow down your meals and make an evening of them? Are our meals events of hospitality or just eating? Who has taught you about meals and their “sacramental” value? What are the first steps to making meals more sacramental?

Communion table evokes guilt for too many. Instead of it being designed to make us feel guilty, instead of it creating depression, the meal is a message: Take eat. This is my body, my blood. That you are sinful and that you don’t feel worthy is the point. The meal is about grace.
Ordinary meals, too, can become the presence of God … if we listen and watch.
The chp is filled with good stories. Moving ones, too.
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