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Just saw this… What’s the best crazy deal you’ve ever found? (You can read the rest of the article at the link, which generates another story: Ever seen that much integrity?)

ROME — You had to be quick, but what a deal.

A four-star hotel
near Venice mistakenly offered the ultimate low-cost vacation — a
romantic weekend in the Italian lagoon city for 1 euro cent.

surprisingly, the Crowne Plaza in Quarto D’Altino, 15.5 miles (25
kilometers) from Venice, received bookings for the equivalent of 1,400
room nights on the night the rate was posted on its Web site, the hotel
chain acknowledged. And it seems those bookings may be valid.

hotel first thought the offer was posted by a hacker, sales manager
Fulvio Danesin said Friday. But it turned out to be human error at the
Atlanta, Georgia, offices of Intercontinental Hotels Group, the hotel’s
mother company, he said.

The offer was supposed to be for a
two-night stay at half price. A night at the 151-room hotel normally
costs between euro90 ($128) and euro150 ($214).

The 1-cent rate
was up only Sunday night, but that was long enough for travelers to
book dates running from October through 2010, Danesin said. The hotel
stands to lose euro90,000 ($129,000), he said.

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