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Romney.jpgJust in case you didn’t see this piece, Mitt Romney (R), as governor of the Democratic State of Massachusetts, designed a mandatory insurance for all folks in Massachusetts. I hear about 97% are insured etc. (Just in case you are bent out of shape that R-Romney might have a good proposal, don’t be. What we want is what is best, whoever works on the proposal.)

What do folks know about the health care of Massachusetts?
Is this a better-than-Co-op alternative?

Taxpayer watchdogs say it’s affordable.

“There is this
widespread assumption, that is treated as fact, that it’s breaking the
bank in Massachusetts … it’s not breaking the bank at all.” said
Michael Widmer of Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

And health care experts say it’s popular.

“Seven in 10 people in the state support the program, and no more than
one in 10 would repeal it.” said Robert Blendon with the Harvard
University School of Public Health.

Still, Romney does warn the president that bipartisanship is the only road to health care reform.

“I think the right process for the president to pursue on a subject
that is so emotional, so important to all Americans, is to go through
the lengthy process of working on a bipartisan basis,” he said. “He
promised that.”

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