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Picking the very best of this week’s stories for you!

Ostriches.jpgA Judge questions the no-fault divorce policy and wants to do something about it. A writer questions the sanity of her dog and has done something about it. Christine questions Andrew Sullivan’s criticisms of Sarah Palin and does something about it. Her father was killed in Viet Nam and this stuff is deeply personal. Gospel — and an offer. Missional thinking and someone who is doing something about it.

Frank Beckwith explains the Pope’s newest encyclical, and we will be having a conversation about it on this blog soon.

MarkTwain.jpgI’m a huge fan of Mark Twain, and here’s my request for you to drop a donation to the preservation of his Boyhood Home and Museum.

I’m seeing much more of this too. Sometimes at the point of hubris.

I hope more churches will commit to doing a series like this one at Vintage Church. (via Twitter) Cobus compares extremes. (via Twitter) Great image from Dave Diller at Renovate. (via Twitter)

Tweet of the Week (from Tom Ward): “Once heard a preacher say that a sleepless night is a call to prayer. Sometimes a sleepless night is a reminder to order decaf next time.”

Codex Sinaiticus online. Ancient genome mapping.

Open source implications. Future implications with the iMonk. Sacred space implications. Unfazed implications. FB implications. Slavery’s implications.

1. Journalism and narcissism. (HT: cas)
2. Ubersnoring.
3. Google’s Chrome OS … does this have promise for Macs or are we still ahead of the crowd?

Frapp.jpg4. The worst drinks for your health. (HT: MV via Twitter)
5. What explains this relentless criticism of Palin by Maureen Dowd?
6. Then compare Dowd with the brilliance of Brooks. That guy knows how to offer social commentary.
7. Should we celebrate Muslim holidays? I like Leith Anderson’s comments.
8. The best books for kids: Nicholas Kristof.
9. The Bush Doctrine vs. The Obama Doctrine: Jonah Goldberg heats up.
10. Justice Ginsburg.


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