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It’s summer.
That means sunflowers.
(Wouldn’t Van Gogh have loved this picture.)

Sunflowers.jpgInterview at the Smith’s home in Alexandria, and I’m with Taylor Mertins. Collin Hansen, ever the pro-Reformed journalist for CT, has a post up that reviews a volume that examines the theses of David Bebbington about the nature of evangelicalism. Tom Smith writes to his South African fellow believers about American churches. Dan Kimball writes about emerging.

Dancing metrics remixed. Missional metrics. Pastoral metrics. Health care metrics. News and death metrics. Technology and leadership metrics. Holocaust metrics. Gospel metrics.

RobBell.jpgJeremy Bouma will be blogging live from the Rob Bell, Pete Rollins, Shane Hipps conference Sunday through Tuesday. Blogging means computers, real ones, and that means the time is now.

The value of being inexperienced.

Check out Steve Waldman’s proposal to pay pregnant women to surrender their child for adoption and second thoughts. Jim Martin on Paul’s words that can be read in different keys. Most of us have brushed up against death … read Dan’s story.

Life long learners live balanced lives. Life long bloggers might need to reconsider.

Good news for college student loans.

Latte art at its finest.

1. The supposed remains (of Paul) in the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls in Rome were tested and dated to 1st or 2d Century. (HT: Tweet from AB)
2. I like these pieces by Maira Kalman.
3. Obama’s church. Well, maybe not.
4. When God and morality are nearly the same. It would be interesting to see if any concept used by this author against the God of the Bible is not found in the Bible. (HT: RJS)

Firefly.jpg5. Fire flies (lightning bugs) and romance.
6. On Jenny Sanford: Did you see this piece by Ruth Marcus? Here’s a decisive summary: “What I admire most about Sanford’s response is that she has apparently
concluded — correctly so — that the person who is humiliated by her
husband’s affair is, in fact, her husband, not her. And so she is not
standing by his side, but she is not hiding in a hole, either.” And this: “”I believe enduring love is primarily a commitment and an act of will,
and for a marriage to be successful, that commitment must be
reciprocal,” Jenny Sanford said in her statement.” Responses to Governor Sanford.
7. Recycling electronics.
8. Leaders speak about politicians and penance.
9. The health care plan gets a critique from the right.
10. Mark Galli interviews A.J. Jacobs.

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