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Hey, Scot, other than chipmunks,
what did you find this week?


Here are some things I found: Karen has a wonderful reflection on death and heaven and being here. Weekly wisdom from Jim Martin: say the appropriate thing. Brief reflection by Don. An illustration of God’s guidance by John Stackhouse. Tamara on the importance of relationship.

Nancy Beach‘s candid and compassionate words about the struggle some women experience in ministries.

Origins.jpgJoin The Origins Project. Check out the blog posts at The Origins Project.

Dan Kimball on thinking about planning preaching series in advance.

From Methodism to Calvary Chapel to Vineyard to Alpha to the Anglicans: slow down, Todd, you’ve had too many conversions for me to chart!

Dan, #1 question: How long will this one be? And Eugene is asking How long this will last? LaVonne asks Are we liberal? Ed asks, Can we do the new thing? Mark asks, Can it be missional and formational?

32 reasons why the Southern Baptists need to change their name. OK, that kind of thing can be funny. That is why iMonk’s post on shifts in the SBC is worth reading — good friend Michael’s been right more than once.

Dave Dunbar has put up some very good posts about missional theology but this recent one, “The old that is strong does not wither,” is at the top of my list for keeping in mind the great traditions of the Church. Derek Leman is now podcasting about “Yeshua in Context,” and the first one is about the parable of the sower.

Bloggers and the FTC. Advice for bloggers.

1. Roger Cohen on Iran — a summary. Roland Martin on Iran and Obama.
2. On forgiveness.
3. Good article on food, the brain, and will.
4. Slavery and repentance.
DoctorPat.jpg5. Brooks: “Health care reform is important, but it is not worth bankrupting the
country over. If this process goes as it has been going — with grand
rhetoric and superficial cost containment — then we will be far better
off killing this effort and starting over in a few years. Maybe then
there will be leaders willing to look at the options staring them in
the face.”
6. WP survey on health care: “Most respondents are “very concerned” that health-care reform would
lead to higher costs, lower quality, fewer choices, a bigger deficit,
diminished insurance coverage and more government bureaucracy. About
six in 10 are at least somewhat worried about all of these factors,
underscoring the challenges for lawmakers as they attempt to
restructure the nation’s $2.3 trillion health-care system.”
7. And now for Kling’s view on health care reform.
8. Techno-Manners.
9. An impressive statement from within. But John Kass prefers a different way.
10. Good move on YS’s part.


We need a caption for this one:
Is this a parable for the Cubs season?

Lou Piniella, on Geo Soto’s admission that he has smoked pot and tested positively for it: “Asked about the seriousness of the offense, Piniella said: “Look, I smoked dope one time in my life, and it didn’t do a damn thing for me, and I never tried it again. And I’m fortunate because of that. But a lot of people do [smoke marijuana]. You can buy it [for medical purposes] in California.”
Lou, you are the new Leo Durocher.

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