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MarinOrange.jpgAndrew Marin’s life is devoted to ministry with and to the GLBT community, and his approach to them is one of love, and his hope is to elevate the conversation. We conclude this series on his book, Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation With the Gay Community , today with a sketch of his suggested sixteen commitments:

1. Commitment for the long haul.
2. Boldness but not as in “in your face.”

From our last post …

3. Apply the mind-frame-shift principle.
4. Apply the cross-roads principle
5. Apply the oneness principle
6. Apply the Great Christian debate principle
7. Apply the Think-big-picture principle

8. Take an inquisitive approach
9. Be transparent and truthful.
10. Be yourself.
11. Don’t “no” them, but “know” them.
12. The glass is half-full: mountains can be moved.
13. Rely on God’s timetable, not yours.
14. You are not the solution.
15. Have street credibility.
16. Always answer the tough questions: are GLBT born this way? do you think it is sin? can the GLBT person change? can someone be gay and Christian? are GLBT people to hell?

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