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The Hartford Institute for Religion Research has a new study, available as a PDF, about megachurches. Here is the opening suggestive conclusions, and I’m wondering what you see here (or in the article itself)(HT: AR):


  • Young and single adults are more likely to be in megachurches than in smaller churches.
  • Nearly two-thirds of attenders have been at these churches 5 years or less.
  • Many attenders come from other churches, but nearly a quarter haven’t
    been in any church for a long time before coming to a megachurch.
  • Attenders report a considerable increase in their involvement in
    church, in their spiritual growth, and in their needs being met.
  • Forty-five percent of megachurch attenders never volunteer at the church.
  • New people almost always come to the megachurch because family, friends or co-workers invited them.
  • What first attracted attenders were the worship style, the senior pastor and the church’s reputation.
  • These same factors also influenced long-term attendance, as did the
    music/arts, social and community outreach and adult-oriented programs.
  • Attenders can craft unique, customized spiritual experiences through
    the multitude of ministry choices and diverse avenues for involvement
    that megachurches offer.
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