Jesus Creed

Saskatchewan is the home of the (big) living sky, and I saw it. Here’s a picture of Briercrest where I gave lectures last weekend. Briercrest is a wonderful exhibition of generous evangelicalism with wonderful students and professors (and the big blue sky), and it was great to see Wes Olmstead and his family again.

Proud of our students at NPU. (Just had to do that.)
Tony Stiff continues the discussion on the missional movement: oak tree or banyan tree?
Jim Wallis with Sally Quinn. Did you listen to this? Any thoughts?
The emerging movement — in Australian perspective — and I can think of yet more elements of that sketch of Mark’s. Any thought?
Hey, not bad for a medical doctor! (Ha.)

How do you know?
What can you do?
What’s going on?
What can happen?
Where’s Brian in his journey?
What about Jacob’s Well?
Why is Dan Kimball almost crying?

The best sportswriter is Tom Boswell of The Washington Post, and this piece comparing Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods is priceless. (Boswell’s baseball books are incomparable sports writing.)

Barna’s newest study on the religious beliefs of liberals vs. conservatives. A Third Way anyone?

Espresso.jpg1. Caffeine might be the elixir.
2. Thoughtful piece about the Devil by Susan Thistlethwaite.
3. Roland Martin on adoption — both the celebrity in-thing and a plea for adoption reform.
4. Did you see this?
5. I’m wondering what pastors and theologians and friends in South Africa think of this article? (Attie, Tom, Trevor?)
6. Nicholas Kristof on the value of experts.
7. An unexpected place of stress: libraries.
8. David Brooks. I always read this guy.
9. Cardinal Francis George weighs in on the Obama-Notre Dame controversy.
10. First Lady has a booboo with the Queen. Goodness, what’s this world come to!


Did you see Tiger’s comeback last Sunday? Wow. Tiger has won 18 of his last 32 starts. Folks, that’s incredible.

NCAA: Who will win? I predict UNC.

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