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JeffMont.jpgTrends among young evangelicals (HT: GO).
Trends among evangelicals (Barna’s newest report).
Trends among Americans and Christianity.
Trends in internet thinking about universalism.
Trends in tweeting.

Motives matter.
Weeds matter.
Marko matters!

I don’t know what the 10 most influential ideas are today, but Time‘s suggestion that new Calvinism is one of them describes what I’ve observed in the last decade. (See Eugene‘s post and the comments.)

One thing I’d emphasize with Dan Reid’s wisdom on Festschriften is that they are too expensive. Let academic publishers do them. iMonk on the coming evangelical collapse. Simple vs. oversimple. Brett’s tribute to Tom Wright.

Where have all the laments gone? Part one and two.
Where have all the books gone?
Where has David Bosch gone? (He’s alive and well in RSA.)
Where has community gone?

Is Teavana the tea-drinker’s counterpart to AeroPress?

Keillor.jpg1. Brooks and the Obamatons: this piece strikes me as fair and reasonable.

2. Krauthammer sees things differently (when compared with Brooks).
3. Paul Harvey and Doug Gamble.
4. When mindfulness becomes “in absentia.”
5. Discovery of a Byzantine monastery in the Holy Land.
6. Garrison Keillor hiccups his way through some satire about disabilities.
7. Your kids and sleep.
8. Peter Singer , not one of my favorites, on poverty and the good life.
9. “It’s the ultimate taunt; it is as if they are saying: You want to know why? You’ll never know.”


My brother-in-law, Pete Norman, takes his JUCO basketball team back to Hutch, the site of the National JUCO basketball tournament, for the fifth time in six years. That spells dynasty. Way to go Pete.

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