A letter from a pastor friend …
We’ve not had a conversation about demons, Satan, and sinister presence on this blog that I remember. I’m wondering how you approach such texts in the Bible?

Hi Scot
We are in Lent, as you know. On Sunday I will be preaching on the role of Judas and his role in the death of Jesus when he betrayed Him.

A few thoughts from what I have been reading so far:

Judas was one of the twelve, one of those called and chosen by the Lord as an apostle. He was a trusted accomplice and even confidant of Jesus. He had the privilege to walk and talk with the Lord everyday. He was a witness to all the miracles that Jesus did and he listened as Jesus taught with authority and clarity for everyone to understand. He even knew that Jesus was the long awaited Messiah and he had ‘n position of trust and leadership in the group as he was the treasurer.

How could he, as one of the Twelve, commit such a treacherous act? How could he betray the Lord?

The Bible gives us a theological explanation when he says that Satan entered Judas (John 13:2. 27) Judas came under the influence and even the control of Satan. Like a drug addict hopelessly addicted to drugs….

Of course there is the explanation of Divine Decree, but that is not what I am struggling with. I am struggling with the role of Satan in the life of Judas and possibly in our lives.

Thanks to you and your blog friends.

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