We begin today a new series. For now, we are calling it “Behind the Scenes.” We will have all kinds of discussions about this topic (below) and I won’t give any more away so here goes … a new series … and one I think will make a difference in the Church.

There are a number of people in the church who qualify and are chosen for ministry. This happens in a variety of ways and we value these gifted persons.

But the church also has right under its nose a wealth of experience in an unrecognized resource: the pastor’s wife (or spouse).  In this series we will take a look behind the scenes of ministry, behind the theology, and behind the pastoral persona to examine the world of the pastor’s wife. (Our guest blogger who will do this series is a pastor’s wife.)
Let’s start with these questions:

What is it like to be a pastor’s wife around the world? USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Oz, Far East, Africa — let’s hear the norms in these places.

How would you characterize the role of pastor’s wife in your church experience? What do they do? What can they do and what can they not do? What are the stereotypes?

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