Jesus Creed

Fasting.jpgAs with Advent and even our Holy Week, ideas for a major seasonal shift like Lent can be difficult to come by. This year I want to focus on something simple. I’m going to focus on fasting one day each week. (By the way, I’m not convinced giving up chocolate or TV is a “fast.” Those sorts of denials are better called “abstinences.” Fasting is a response to something and entails giving up food or even all food and water for a designated period. It does not focus on getting something in return.)

Each week I want to focus on fasting as a response to sin — original sin and its effects — as I anticipate Good Friday and the glory of Easter.

And I invite you to prepare for Lent and to participate in Lent (as preparation for Holy Week) by taking a look at Fasting: The Ancient Practices

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