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I read this piece by Saul Singer in the Washington Post. I wonder if Obama’s silence is support for Israel, support for taking out Hamas, or an indicator that he’s not sure what to think about this international crisis. Any thoughts?

By taking on Hamas, Israelis deserve the gratitude of decent people
everywhere. More than that, by sending in troops to fight them on the
ground, Israel is risking its precious soldiers to minimize Palestinian
casualties. These soldiers risk becoming martyrs to human rights and
the Geneva Convention because they are fighting in places where other
countries, including the U.S., might have called in an artillery or air
strike and been done with it. We should be proud of them and least have
the decency to honor their sacrifice.

Finally, these soldiers are doing a service for humanity, not just
for the Israelis. A defeat of Hamas is a defeat of it sponsor, Iran. It
is no substitute for using economic, diplomatic, and – only if
necessary – military means to prevent Iran, the world’s primary
terrorist regime, from going nuclear. But it should help concentrate
minds regarding the necessity of doing so. The Israeli wars with Hamas
and Hezbullah are only holding actions. The only way to give peace in
the region real hope is to defeat the main source of war and terrorism,
and that is the regime in Tehran.

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