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A few weeks back we flew to Boston and back. We booked our return flight about 4pm … confirmed, the whole nine yards. We were set. Then they notified us, via e-mail, that we had been pushed back to the 5:30pm flight. Kris, who handles our flights, assumed United had canceled the 4:00pm flight. Lo and behold! When we got to the airport — too early — about 3:15pm for the return, we discovered the 4pm flight was still in operation. So we began asking questions … here’s what I learned from someone who had gotten inside to discover what United had done.

1. The 4pm flight is easier to book than the 5:30pm flight.
2. So, United bumps some from the 4pm flight to the 5:30 flight in order to open up seats in the  more attractive flight (4:30pm) and hopes that folks re-assigned to the 5:30pm flight won’t cancel.

What do you think of this procedure? Have you had this happen?

By the way, we got on the 4pm flight and sat in the dead last row.

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