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When Kris and I got to the airport in Atlanta Sunday afternoon, we had one of those “Did all that just happen to us?” moments. Some of you may know that I was asked to preach at North Point Community Church, which meant three Sunday sermons … 9am, 11am, and 12:45pm. I’ll begin at the beginning.

We had an evening to dream of: Bill and Terry Willitts, leaders at North Point who have become friends knew someone who knew someone … yes … you may know what that means. We got to do something we would never have done: Dine at one of Atlanta’s finest Italian restuarants. We dined at Veni Vidi Vici, where the executive chef is Jamey Adams. He and his wife are at North Point and he treated us to a chef’s night. Wow. Seven (small) courses … tastes of all kinds of Italian cooking … from shrimp and swordfish to ravioli and lamb … and we cut into four different desserts. Well, what can someone who loves Italian cooking and loves to cook Italian say about that kind of opportunty but “Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!”

NPCC.jpgI was picked up at 7:45 to get ready for the talks … and of course the worship music was awesome. North Point’s music and worship leaders are on the same wavelength that Kris and I are on so we just relished the opportunity to participate. I did three talks on The Blue Parakeet
and the shortcuts far too many of us are taking in reading the Bible, and I tried to impress on the folks that we need to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and enter into its Story and let its Story live in us.

So much to say … wonderful to have the opportunity to preach and be with the good folks at NPCC. Andy.jpgAndy Stanley’s leadership (and wit and book: Communicating for a Change
) … and Bill Willitts … and Norton and Jason and Stephen (who will be starting up a church in Denver this Winter and Spring) … and Diane and Julie and Sarah (who went through much make-up to wipe the sheen off my expansive shiny noggin) … and seeing some blog readers and … I could go on.

Hard to take it in and just plain grateful to be part of this wonderful kingdom work.

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