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Which Scriptures are referred to most on the internet? Matt Dabbs with his annual, and interesting, report.

Helen Lee’s big study of the missional drift/shift.

De-versifying the Bible.

Ed Gilbreath on Obama’s election. And David Fitch offers a big perspective on the election. Obama’s new website.

Female Christian bloggers, which doesn’t include one of our favorites: Karen Spears Zacharias. So read her new post on the heart.

My favorite emerging theologian: Rick.

Speaking of emerging … John Frye’s got a funny post on Jesus and emerging. Read this review of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese by Robbie Hutchens. L.L. Barkat’s Thanksgiving invitation. Eugene Cho has a post about church and marketing. I’ve not seen a church with more artistic settings than Don (and Martha) Johnson’s church on the hills above Santa Barbara and his picture here is worth thinking about. This post from iMonk just may be for you. Poverty, prosperity and the conflict trap. Jim Martin on character and integrity. Ted Gossard talks about a topic we all need to be thinking about: civility.

Bob Robinson extends a conversational hand to Chuck Colson on the image of God and the dignity of plants.

Fr. Rob reflects on how our questions change as we age. Very insightful. Rob for me is the next generation’s Buechner.

Tony has a review of Rachel Getting Married.

Annoying phrases.

Speaking of annoying: read Mark Galli unleashed.

1. Orthodoxy without orthopraxy?
2. Before you exercise or run or compete. And before you have a heart attack, check this out.
3. Poll numbers are already being collected for the next election. Yowza! Here’s my promise: not a word about the next Presidential election until January (or later) of 2012.
4. Barna’s newest report: how faith and the election interacted. Steven Waldman of Beliefnet reports that many pro-life evangelicals voted for Obama.
5. I like the direction of this piece by Nicholas Kristof.
6. Never seen anything quite like this.
7. Starbuck’s, along with other businesses that cater to pleasures, is struggling.
8. Thanksgiving means cranberries
9. Rehabilitation through music. Nice story.
10. How sad is this?

A chimp adopts some tigers.


When our son Lukas was in his second year of minor league baseball with the Cubs, there was a young catcher from Puerto Rico who seemed to have everyone’s attention. One summer he and Lukas were slated to split time in Daytona Beach — and Luke told us this young player had great hands and a good arm and a great approach at the plate. This week it was announced that the young man, Geovany Soto, was NL Rookie of the Year. Congrats to Geo! Well, Geo made it to The Show and Luke is finding players for The Show.

Gotta love the Bears … man, it takes guts to hang in there with the Chicago teams.

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