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I wrote on this blog long ago that I was going to try using Chris Wright’s The Mission of God in my Introduction to the Bible class this semester; it’s a bit hefty for first-year students but this letter confirms that it was a good choice. I am thankful today for my students.

Hey Professor McKnight,

I had to email you because I just got done reading The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
! I feel like the lamest college student — it’s Friday night! I just
had to let you know how amazingly influential this book has been. It was
a hard book to read no doubt, it got really lengthy at times, but the
last few chapters just tied it all together. It all made perfect sense.
I was so frustrated with this book so many nights, struggling to stay
awake, but I can’t believe how much incredible information it contains.
I loved it, end of story.

I feel privileged because here before me I
have the most meaningful piece of material in my life: the Bible, yet
to be read. I am so glad that the first time I read the Bible in full
it will be with all the tools provided by Wright and your class. I am
so excited to read the Bible and to discover even more clearly all the
points Wright elaborated on, and ultimately be in complete awe of God’s
word. I finally feel “prepared” to read the Bible, if that’s even
possible. I never have read the Bible simply because I  never knew
where to start, but now I feel as if I can work my way through it.  I
can read it and finally begin to understand the unfathomable importance
behind the stories. I know reading the Bible is a never ending journey
that can never be fully understood, but I am finally ready and excited
to start this long overdue journey. This book has truly been the most
influential book I have ever read.

So I guess in conclusion I emailed you to say thank you for assigning
this book, though I never thought I’d say that. This book has been a
complete privilege to read. It was all completely worth it in the end.

“So … like… thank you.” 😀


P.S. I hope you have the greatest weekend of your life.

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